Fluke 805 FC

Innovative sensor design minimizes measurement variations caused by device angle or contact pressure

Consistent data quality at both low and high frequency ranges

Four-level severity scale assesses urgency of problems for overall vibration and bearing condition

Exportable data via USB

Trending in Microsoft:registered: Excel using pre-built templates

Overall vibration measurement (10 Hz to 1,000 Hz) for acceleration, velocity and displacement units of measurement for a wide variety of machines

Crest Factor+ technology provides reliable bearing assessment using direct sensor tip measurements between 4,000 Hz and 20,000 Hz

Compare vibration levels with ISO-10816 severity scales and store results to the Fluke Connect Cloud

Get authorization to take next steps in an instant if machine health is at risk via Fluke Connect:tm: Share-Live:tm: video call*

Colored lighting system (green, red) and on-screen comments indicate how much pressure needs to be applied to take measurements

Temperature measurement with Spot IR Sensor increases diagnostic capabilities

On-board memory holds and saves up to 3,500 measurements

External accelerometer support for hard to reach locations

Flashlight for viewing measurement locations in dark areas

Large screen with high resolution for easy navigation and viewing