Fluke 975 airflow meter In Stock Now

Air flow, volocity, CO2, CO, RH, %outside air, wet bulb

A hand-held 5 in one indoor air monitoring tool that measures, calculates, and displays: temperature, dew point, and wet bulb measured in °C or °F.

Relative humidity (%RH).

Carbon monoxide (CO) levels measured in ppm.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels measured in ppm.

Air velocity (standard and actual) measured in mps or fpm.

% outside air based on temperature or CO2

Flow rate displayed in m3 /s or cfm.

Absolute barometric pressure- shown at startup only.

Minimum, maximum, and average readings for temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb, dew point, velocity, CO, and CO2.

Other features: automatic backlight, auto power off, rechargeable lithium battery, ac power, or backup power supply of three AA batteries, Time and date stamp (12-hour or 24-hour),single-point and continuous data logging options, CO alarm, FlukeView Forms software with USB cable for downloading stored data