Dent ElitePro XC Logging Power Meter Due 7/25/2024

SP Logging Power Meter for single or 3-phase systems using 80-600V phase-to-phase (AC or DC) services when line powered or 0-600V (AC or DC) when externally powered

Key Features

  • Measures up to four channels of energy metrics with currents ranging from 0-6,000 amps.
  • Analog Inputs record analog data with configurable input ranges for voltage (0-15 VDC) or current loop (0 or 4-20 mA) transducers. Analog inputs are used for process or environmental correlation studies with power.
  • Line-powered - no need for batteries or external power source.
  • User-selectable recording intervals as short as every 1 second
  • 16 MB non-volatile memory standard for months of recording time.
  • Better than 1% accuracy (<0.2% typical).
  • Fast USB connection and standard Ethernet port.
  • ELITEpro XC may be configured with optional Bluetooth:registered: wireless technology.
  • Optional Wi-Fi interface allows for remote data collection over wireless networks. Check real-time values using a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet, or smartphone via a web browser. Comes with USB to ethernet cable.
  • Simple yet powerful Windows-based ELOG:tm: software package for setup, data retrieval, and analysis. Easy data exporting to almost any analysis program.
  • Easy to set-up and installs in minutes. Patented PhaseChek:tm: LED indicators ensure correct CT orientation at installation. Has 4 leads, R, W, B, BL.
  • Power Meter Software ELOG on USB drive.
  • Rugged and compact, easily fits inside breaker panels and switch gear.

Dent Elitepro XC Operator's Guide