Wifi Temperature logger In Stock Now

This wireless high accuracy Wi-Fi Data Logger uses a remote probe and measures and records up to 1,000,000 temperature readings and shares the data with any PC or server on the same Wi-Fi network. Your wireless network to be IEEE 802.11b compliant.

Software settings allow the user to set the high and low alarms, the sampling rate, and the temperature scale. If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the sensor will continue to store any records until it can regain communication with the network. Stored data can be viewed at any time after the communications have been restored.

Measures from -40 to +125 deg. C, accuracy +/- 0.1 deg. C.

Configuration and logging software available for download are not Apple compatible and can be downloaded for free at:


For setup instructions and additional information, go to:



Item includes temperature probe and USB cable.