DG-500 Digital Pressure Gauge Due 9/3/2020

The DG-500 is a high-resolution differential pressure gauge with simultaneous display of two independent measurement channels. The DG-500 can be used along with a computer and specialized software to record and graphically display pressure measurements from both channels for diagnosing pressure problems in buildings

  • Bi-directional, precision pressure measurement up to 1,250 Pa (5" w.c.). Displays pressure readings in both Pascals and " w.c.
  • Auto-zeroing of both channels eliminates sensitivity to orientation and temperature, making it perfect for hand-held operation.
  • Four separate time-averaging modes (1, 5, 10 second & long-term) allow you to accurately measure fluctuating pressures.
  • Programmed to display velocity measurements using a Pitot tube (velocity units can be displayed in both feet per minute and meters per second).
  • A HOLD button temporarily freezes the most recent display readings.

Users manual: http://energyconservatory.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/DG-500.pdf